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Sourdough pizza dough balls (packs of 12)

Sourdough pizza dough balls (packs of 12)

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This is the exact same Neapolitan pizza dough that we cook for our customers on site.

Over 10,000 of these dough balls have been consumed in the last year with great reviews. Unlike many suppliers and Pizzaiola we ferment out dough extremely slowly over a 4 day period to build flavour and richness. We use the finest pizza flour, fresh yeast, water and Malden Sea Salt - just 4 ingredients and manipulate them with time and temperature! Our dough balls are made between 60% and 65% hydration depending on a number of factors, and each dough ball weighs 260 grams, perfect for a generous 12" pizza.

The dough balls can be placed safely into the freezer upon arrival or used straight away. They arrive with instructions for use and there are further guidance notes on teh Firehut social media channels. 

We do this every day and want you to share the enjoyment and satisfaction in your own home.

** We will ship the product with DHL 24 hr domestic. At present they do not deliver to the Scottish Highlands and Islands or Northern Ireland and as a result we cannot send to these locations reliably.

We mail out the dough balls Monday to Wednesday to ensure safe delivery and allow a buffer as our business class delivery operates Monday to Friday.


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